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Accessing for the first time, we were pleased to open what it seems to be a professional web page. The template is user-friendly and easy to navigate, which make the user experience extremely pleasant.

On their home page, you can notice that they promise a lot of things, but you can as well find all the information you need before you place an order. Of course, there’s even more information on their page about their prices, services, and a detailed article that presents you how their service works.

On the first look, everything seems pretty good and professional, but writing essays, dissertations, and term papers is not an easy job. Therefore, today we’ll be writing review to ensure that their services are qualitative.

AssignmentGeek Services

In order to create a proper Assignment Geek review, we took a look at their services section. The first thing that popped up in my eyes way their claim that “you will find every paper you need, regardless of your academic level”.

Bellow their claim we so a not so long, but not short, list with the services they provide:

  • Assignment
  • Book Review
  • Case Study
  • Coursework
  • Dissertation
  • Editing Services
  • Essay
  • Movie Review
  • Proofreading Services
  • Research paper
  • Term Paper
  • Thesis

Taking a closer look, we were able fi find a much longer list of their services which you can find only when you want to place an order. So, they also offer annotated bibliography, article, article critique, assessment, biography, book report, business plan, capstone project, critical thinking, financial analysis, lab report, marketing plan, reaction paper, research proposal, research summary, and speech/presentation.

And we’re not done with lists. They provide an extremely long list from which you can choose your subject area, and, if I’m not mistaken, I think that they cover all subjects.

Assignment Geek Prices

The aspect that interests a student the most is the price of the service. It’s common knowledge that students don’t particularly leverage big amounts of money, so the cheaper the service is the better – of course, as long as the quality stays the same.

The Assignment Geek reviews you can find online are debating whether their service is expensive or not. Taking a look at their prices, we can state that the cost per page is far from cheap, but yet far from expensive if you compare it with some of the top essay writing services.

Their lowest cost per page is $17.99 for standard quality and 10 days urgency. Their cost per page goes up to $48.99 for platinum quality and 6 hours urgency. If you take a look, you can notice that the difference between standard and platinum prices is not so big.

Therefore, if you wish to order a smaller number of pages you’d better choose the best quality – your pockets will barely feel the difference. But if you plan to order a considerable amount of pages you’d better order ahead and standard quality is not so bad after all.

Discounts Policy

Since they offer services exclusively for students, they should be the first to acknowledge that students hunt discounts – the more money remains in their pockets, the better. Therefore, we took a look at the discounts they offer considering that their prices aren’t cheap.

They offer an Assignment Geek promo code at first orders that will save you 15% from your order. But that’s not all the discount they offer. If you keep ordering from them and your total of pages is more than 15, from that moment on you’ll benefit a 5% discount at all your orders.

That discount will raise at 10% when the number of pages will be more than 50, and 15% when you’ll order more than 100 pages in total. A fair deal I’d say but still, not extremely satisfying.

Other features

For our Assignmentgeek review, we took a look at their other features and we discovered that they have free and paid features. The free ones are: outline, amendments, title page, bibliography, and formatting that will save you up to $25.

The paid ones aren’t quite necessary as the free ones are, but they might make a real difference: VIP support, VIP service package, proofread by the editor, and fulfilled by top 10 writers.


All in all, Assignment Geek is not a bad service, bet they are definitively not the best on the field. That’s why the Assignment Geek rating is 8.4 out of 10. This is a good rating compared with other Assignmentgeek reviews. They are good, they won’t fail you, we tasted their quality and you can get a good grade.

We give them this rate because:

  • All their services weren’t presented in their special section.
  • Their prices should be a bit lower considering that there are better services for the same money.
  • They could offer more discounts.

Basically, because there’s place for improvement.

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