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Edubirdie is a widespread online service, meaning that we’ve come across several companies under this name. In this case, we reviewed a company that’s located in Australia and according to the site, works with many Australian native writers.

The rest of the companies under this name enjoy a rather poor reputation, mostly because of the disorganized bidding system and the testimonials that speak of fake writers’ profiles. Our goal this time was to determine if the case is the same with their Australian company.


Bidding lets companies offer everything that their writers are willing to write, so there’s no limit for papers or products at Their services can include anything students request from writing essays to editing dissertations. There’s a whole list of product options to select when you place your order, or you can go with the option ‘other’ and tell them exactly what you need.

The hard part for the customer comes later. You need to wait for bidders and, if there are any you like, hire the one you think is best for you.

Prices, discounts and special features

The prices in bidding companies are usually the lowest found online, but not here. EduBirdie has decided to set a starting rate for all their websites, including this one. In this case, bids can only start at A$23.60 for a page.

Unfortunately, the discounts, or the lack of them, exists here too. Even though they set a rule for minimal quotes, they didn’t really set special features or discounts. It all comes down to what you ask the writers to do, how you agree with them, and what quote you find to be acceptable.

Writers certification

The writers certifications are said to be extremely high and when you get the bids, you’ll get the proof of it, too. However, since most believe that the profiles of the writers are faked, we hardly believe that the company works with only natives or PhD writers. In fact, our experience with them told us the exact opposite.

Quality of an product

As soon as we sent out the order details, we started receiving bids. It’s recommended to wait a while to gather more bids from these kinds of services in order to get the best writers available.

The good thing is, we didn’t have to worry about getting bids since we received over two dozen of them. This also meant that we had to spend a bit over an hour checking their profiles. To our surprise, even though every profile was more exceptional than the last one, almost all writers decided to bid with their lowest allowed rate.

So basically, we had to choose between what were supposed to be amazing writers who were willing to work for little amounts of money. Naturally, we chose the most promising one, a PhD expert with another Bachelor degree in marketing and according to his profile, thousands of finished orders.

But, this writer was definitely not as qualified as his profile said. In fact, we doubt that his name was real because his English was very bad. At first we were surprised to get a quote as low as he gave us but later, we didn’t believe he even deserved as much as a payment.

Customer support

There’s a customer support that works all the time on the website, but they aren’t very willing to help in cases like ours. We talked to a bot at first, and a real agent later. The agent’s English was terrible, but he was very friendly and polite. Eventually, he reached out to the writer and demanded a revision, which we received five days later (totally unacceptable) and was still bad. After that, the agent wasn’t willing or allowed to help any longer.

How it works

The system works well, but it takes way too long. So, if you need papers in a rush or aren’t willing to spend an hour going through profiles and qualifications, you might want to choose a company that chooses writers for you.


Despite the very simple process of providing your information for the order, the bidding takes a lot of time at Firstly, you’ll get many writers that will bid with similar quotes, which means that you’ll have to spend a lot of time going through their bids. Secondly, our experience shared a devastating truth about the Edubirdie service – even though they have a fixed minimal rate that should guarantee quality, their writers’ profiles are definitely not trustworthy.

5.6 / 10 stars

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