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There are several websites under the name AU. Edusson, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the company is popular. At first, we thought about the other websites we’ve come across – the US and UK ‘local sites’. The widespread of the service on different continents gives visitors the impression that this is a famous company who provides from students worldwide, but judged by the reputation all these sites seem to have, this isn’t really the reason for it.


The service list on the page located in the top bar on the website is incomplete and very vague. But, checking their calculator right there on the homepage should tell you what you can order from This list is the same on all websites the company has, and you can access the different sites on the bottom of every page.

The list isn’t what we’d call extensive, but it’s satisfactory. They have plenty of services and the option ‘other’ that you can choose if you have a different product from the listed ones.

Prices, discounts and special features

An essay within 10 days costs A$33.1 for a page. You can even set the hour when you want it delivered and check the rate in the calculator on the homepage. There isn’t a page with prices or a list you can look at, so the calculator and order form would be your only choices.

There’s also an option to check out their writers’ qualifications and hire them on the spot. But, even though it seems that way, when you select a writer you like, you’ll be sent to the order form where you can only pay 20% extra to get your product done and delivered by one of the top 10% writers in the company.

The company isn’t at all cheap without this extra fee, so we don’t think that many students select this option. According to the order form, the second quality option is the most popular one, which is why we chose that one when we placed our order.

You’d be surprised and probably disappointed to hear that there isn’t any kind of discounts on the website. You don’t get to reduce the quote being a new customer or a returning one, which is one of the biggest reasons for turndowns by students in terms of online companies.

Writers certification

Writers are said to be all Australian on this website, same as they are all UK on the UK site, and US writers on the US site. But the tricky thing is, we noticed the same photos of writers on all three sites, all under different names! This tells us that the service has fake names and fake pictures for writers who aren’t at all who they say they are.

Quality of an product

Realizing that you can’t hire a writer of your preference was slightly disappointing for us, but we did go for the option of paying extra 20% for one of their best writers. This was a very expensive offer, one that most students can’t afford even if they order weeks ahead.

Even so, the quality was average. This got us thinking. If their most expensive offer and their best writers can’t provide good quality, what do students get when they pay for standard or premium quality and let the company choose the writer?

Testimonials gave us the answers to this, and they weren’t good. is as unpopular as the other Edusson sites, even though the comments about this particular website are much more limited.

Customer support

Edusson has a non-stop support on all websites and thankfully, they are rather fast at replying. We liked the approach of the agents and the fact that they were actually native speakers, even though we couldn’t say that the one we spoke to was an Australian agent.

This isn’t really important for a customer support as long as they work well. But, even though the agent was very professional, they didn’t do a lot in regard to the quality we received. They gave us a rather slow revision after three days, which wasn’t much improved, after all.

How it works

To order from, you need to fill out a fast and short order form, choose the quality option and deadline, and wait. It’s very simple.


Despite some nice things such as the service list and the pleasant support agents, disappoints with quality and rates. This is a pricey company with no discount options, and their reputation is much lower than the expected.

5.2 / 10 stars

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