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Essay Writing Place is an Australian service that promises to help you ‘get an excellent grade’. We hadn’t heard about this company until just recently, which only speaks about the limited number of customers they’ve had and what seems to be a very short period spent selling papers online.

This doesn’t make the company good or bad. To see what the story behind is, we started our research process. Read on to see where it took us.


Au essay writing place has a vague website in the sense that you can hardly find the information you’ll need there. Starting with the services and ending with the discounts, it took us a while to find our way around this site.

What we’ve learned is that, in order to see the services, you have to check the actual order form. There’s a pricelist that tells customers how much they’ll pay for the order, but this pricelist is done by categories of services and does not show the actual service list.

This also means that the rates are set according to categories and not papers. For example, everything that falls under ‘writing from scratch’ has the same price, while ‘admission services’ come at a different price. After seeing the service list, we found out that there are plenty of choices in each category, all very different from each other, which made us wonder – how come the company writes everything at the same rate?

Prices, discounts and special features

Prices differ based on categories, academic levels, and of course, deadlines. The ‘writing from scratch’ category can cost you as little as $13 and as much as $69 for a page. These rates are attractive and cheap, even for the highest levels offer. For example, a 20-day deadline and a PhD paper written from scratch costs only $27 for a page, which is less than you’d be asked to pay on most reputable companies’ websites.

There are also discounts that come with these rates. The new customers get a ‘present’ with their order, which is actually their first-time discount of 10%. Also, if the order is above A$660.70 in total, there’s a 5% discount added to it. If it is above A$1321.40 in total, the discount will be another 10%.

These are all fine offers, but we still looked for a loyalty program since, let’s face it – there is rarely a chance to order as big a paper as the one they require for an applied discount. A loyalty program does exist, but it is a bit vague and strange. You don’t get discounts based on how long you’ve ordered or how much you’ve accumulated. Based on what you ordered the previous time, you can use 10% of the total paid quote on the new order.

Writers certification

Essay-writing-place speaks of only natives with high degrees and amazing experiences. People online speak otherwise. They mention deadline problems and quality issues, two things that are considered the worst product characteristics by students who order online paper help.

Quality of an product

Those comments about the deadlines and quality left us devastated, so we were quite ready for the blow we received when we got the actual product. They didn’t lie – au essay writing really doesn’t work with amazing writers. They are cheap, so that’s a bit of a sign of this happening, but the results we had to evaluate were even worse than we imagined they’d be.

Customer support

The support was slow and barely helpful, especially when we sent out the paper with most of the errors marked in red. They convinced us that the writer was amazing and they worked with him for years, even when we sent out the paper that was obviously written either in a rush, or by someone with extremely bad English.

So, we didn’t receive anything. We demanded a refund and the company rejected it immediately. We asked for a revision, they said there’s no reason for it. In the end, we gave up and accepted our financial loss on yet another unreliable online service.

How it works

Ordering goes smoothly and without a problem here. The only problem you might encounter when you order is going through all those extra paid offers. It took us a while to look through them all and in the end, the selection of few of them cost us almost as much as the paper.

Conclusion is not a reliable company. They deliver papers that are written in a completely different style from the offered one, have an unreliable support service, and literally trick you to buy papers with their great offers and rates.

5.2 / 10 stars

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