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It’s becoming very hard to find a decent service to write papers on the Australian market. New companies show up every day and only few of the old ones keep their reputation up. But, in the midst of all those new companies, you can still find some that has been there for a while and have a very good reputation throughout the years. Australianwritings is one of them, which is why it was amongst the first ones we decided to check.

AustralianWritings Services

The service literally says that you can get every paper you want from them. They do have a varied list of different product choices in the order and price forms, but feel free to reach them if you need something else. Their reputation seems to be sterling and it remained high in the past decade, so it is safe to say that they have the writers who can do the job for you.

In other words, this is a spot to order all your essays from, as well as dissertations and projects that aren’t given to students very often.

Pricesa and Discounts at AustralianWritings

This is one of the most important factors of the decision-making for most students. The price for papers is known to be very varied on every market, including the Australian one. Now, don’t expect those attractive low rates that would only take a pinch out of your small budget. Those usually bring bad news because they can’t possibly pay for the great writers you want for your paper.

But, even though we didn’t expect those extremely low rates from such a popular company, we actually came across rates that were much lower than the expected. A rate of $14.99 for standard quality is far lower than what most highly rated companies charge for essays, but this one actually decided to charge very little for their services.

It’s not the lowest you can find, but it’s definitely one of the lowest priced companies we’ve seen with such a sterling reputation. On top of this, their 20% discount for newcomers makes the decision to order even easier, which is followed by the loyalty program most companies share, allowing you to get a non-stop discount of 15%.

Writers certification

As we mentioned, this service has plenty of writers and team members because they have a wide customer database. A good reputation demands a lot of writers, which can be hard to find and manage. Still, somehow managed to hire all native English writers and keep that reputation high, so we are guessing that they know what they are doing when they seek for their employees.

Quality of an product

The quality here is unmistakable. After receiving a term paper from Australian Writings, we had all our questions answered. The quality their writers deliver comes unexpected once you pay the rate and get the 20% off the first order. This was by far one of the best bargains we’ve made on the online market.

The term paper in question arrived within the week, two days early. It was definitely custom since it showed no plagiarism and all references were properly cited. Everything was finished according to our requirements, so we didn’t require a revision or any changes in the content.

Support at AustralianWritings

Reaching the support was basically unnecessary after the writer delivered the product, but we did have a chance to talk to them before we ordered. They reached us right when we opened the website to offer some help with the order or calculate our quote so that we wouldn’t have to scour the site for information.

This was very helpful and showed us that their agents are real and not bots. If you prefer to talk on the phone, they also have a phone service and an Australian toll-free number.

How it works

AustralianWritings has ensured that the site has a very fast, very smooth order system. You can always get the help from their agents since they offer it from the very beginning, but we don’t believe you’ll need it. All the information is out there for you to read it and when you open the form, it basically tells you what to do and how to provide the information about your order.

Conclusion is a custom content service that’s enjoyed great popularity in Australia for over a decade at this point. They have built some very attractive rates, spiced it up with a 20% discount for newcomers, and kept delivering great papers to keep that reputation afloat.

9.6 / 10 stars

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