By | April, 2019 isn’t what you’d call a very popular company. Perhaps the reason for this is their limited time on the paper-selling market or, there’s the worse alternative – the company isn’t good enough for you. Which one of the two is the truth, we are about to disclose in our review.


This company’s services are so numerous, they don’t even fit in a single category. They have dozens of them, all arranged in categories such as academic paper writing, rewriting, admission services, dissertation services, proofreading services, editing services, and even resume services.

This list goes on and on, so the odds of you finding the assignment there are very high. They also have a very rich deadline offer that lets you get urgent papers and papers with lengthy deadlines. Naturally, the latter come with a much, much better rate.

Prices, discounts and special features BoomEssays

Speaking of rates, the company is definitely a well-priced one, and we don’t say this in the bad sense. For a student, their rates will be more than just attractive. For a quote of $12.99 without the discounts, which are also available, you can get a page of a paper of standard quality.

However, while this is the greatest news for students, it’s a tricky one for us. When you calculate in a discount of 15% that students get with a first-order code on the website, these rates fall in the ‘extremely low’ category. This, in our experience, is usually not great news.

Sure, it does sound good, but these types of prices aren’t realistic for the reason that they cannot allow the service to hire some very good writers. And because of the free features and entire page filled with lifelong offers that go, once again, up to 15%, we were very eager to check out the actual quality.

Writers certification

The information about writers on the site is completely different to what we’ve learned by reading feedback from customers. We aren’t talking about the feedback on the website – that one is obviously very well picked or created by the company for marketing purposes. If you take the time to look outside of the site, you’ll find the very opposite.

Most students speak of incompetent or non-fluent writers. Even so, speaks of native and PhD writers, which is the complete opposite of this. To determine which one of the two is the truth, we did our own real research by ordering an actual product.

BoomEssays Quality

The product we ordered from Boomessays was a research paper. We paid for it to be of premium quality, which was said to be the most popular option students choose. After we got it in our inbox, we evaluated the paper as less than a standard quality paper. This undoubtedly confirmed all those statements customers made in their online testimonials, so at this point we already knew what the truth was.

The product we received was a clear indicator of the lack of quality experts the company has. This was followed with a conversation with the support agent which, once again, disappointed us highly.

Customer support

We spoke about the paper quality, or better lack of it, with an agent on the live chat option. Boomessays has this option in addition to a phone number and e-mail address, but we believed that this is the most convenient and free way to reach them.

It wasn’t really as simple. The agent wasn’t really an agent, at least not at the beginning. After spending a very annoying and confusing conversation with a badly automated bot, we were finally redirected to an actual person. This person was exactly as we imagine the writer to have been – with bad English and extremely poor attention to detail.

As a result of all this, our problems remained unresolved, without a single offer of a revision and a rejection of our refund demands.

How it works

The quality might not be good, but the site is very functional. It all works smoothly and fast, while you get all necessary information right there on the website. There’s an order form that takes minutes of the customer’s time and is very clear.

Conclusion has its pros, but mostly, it has cons. We found a good list of products and excellent rates, but the quality of both writers and agents was below every expectation the company has made us build for them. A service that delivers bad products at low rates might not be an actual legal fraud, but it definitely falls under a scam category.

5.2 / 10 stars

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