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Despite the very unique site appearance, had many details that reminded us of something we’ve seen before. Just recently before we got the idea to research this website, we researched another one, very similar to this one. Soon after we began working on this review, we realized that the similarities are more than just a coincidence, and that we’re probably looking at one of the many sites created by the same people. Read on.


The services are the first thing that reminded us of the previous company we researched – They are arranged in the exact same manner – same categories, same order, and same offered products. The entire product list and choice options are copied from one site to another.

Now, this can mean that the company decided to take someone else’s list because they also offer the same services. The list seemed more than just decent, which is something a student would probably like a lot, which is why we continued without setting our mind on this opinion.

Prices, discounts and special features at EssayRoo

The rates do differ between the companies, but everything else related to the price presentation and calculation is exactly the same. This one is much higher priced than the other one, even though their pricing table looks exactly the same. The deadline options are varied and also copied from the other site. For example, the starting quote may begin at $18.99 for a page here, but the discount for newcomers isn’t only shown the same way – it’s exactly the same – 15% off the first order.

There’s also a same discount page that lists the lifelong discounts we are very familiar with at this point – 5% to 15% for those who return to order more and more. It’s a rewarding system that makes these higher rates much more bearable for students and at the same time, more realistic than those of the other company.

The change in pricing did confuse us a bit, but everything else only proved that we are looking at the same providers. Still, this service is more realistically priced, which could result in potentially good content, while with the other company, we instantly had the impression that the service has bad writers.

Writers certification

Interestingly, even though it is obviously the same company, they have sites that say their writers are Australian and US experts. Both websites speak of expert writers with PhD’s and Master’s in different fields, all native speakers of the country where the companies are supposedly located.

But, the feedback on speaks much differently. Reading the comments from students online gave us the same impression as those for They both spoke of writers who made mistakes and students who believed that the experts the company assigned to their orders weren’t really natives.

This made us think – what if there’s a group of writers that aren’t natives of US and Australia but use various sites like these to present themselves as such?

Quality of EssayRoo Services

To make the final test about the originality of the company, we ordered a paper. Unfortunately, the quality was below the satisfactory level and in this case, we paid more for the same poor quality. Their writers are obviously not natives, not from the US and not from Australia. Such mistakes like the ones we got and others spoke of clearly say that the company works with more affordable writers who aren’t as fluent in English as they should be to write good papers.

Customer support

We reached the support system to ask about the similarities we found and tell them that we know their fraud secret. But, since the support is led by bots, we got automated answers that had nothing to do with the questions we asked. Unlike the case we had with the other site where a real agent showed up to speak to us, no one actually decided to take over the automated chat and answer our question.

How it works

It works very well if you consider the time needed to order and the simplicity of the form. Once again, we looked at the very same form as on the other site.

Conclusion might deliver products on time, but their products are of bad quality. This is not even the worst thing we found out. In our research, we learned that this is one of the many sites made by the same people and, interestingly enough, they seem to use the same features and offers for different markets, including the US and Australian market.

5.2 / 10 stars

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