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By | August, 2019

The hirewriters.com service is used by several students all over the world. Unfortunately, some don’t know much about this writing service, just the same way they don’t about the others. It is, therefore, a challenge for students to get the right service they can use for their tasks and assignments. According to most hirewriters.com reviews, the company offers average services and may sometimes give you less quality. We were determined to note if this is true.

And for this reason, we crafted this review of the service, in an attempt to prove the allegations. Many students complain about the results of the work they get from this service and term it as sub-standard. The company has existed since 2012 as a marketplace for articles on distinct niches. It was created to link those who need content with the creators. They have several services and perks which we will discuss later on in the text.

Hire Writers Services Overview

The company offers writing services on different academic content for students and general articles. The site has a provision for those who want to write and those ordering material to be written. As a client, there are different services to expect besides essay writing. The company offers help on the following:

  • Essays.
  • Dissertations.
  • Research papers.
  • Term papers.
  • Email creation and automation.
  • Product reviews and analysis.
  • Ghostwriting.
  • Editing.
  • Rewriting.
  • Blog posts and forums.

The process of posting your work entails opening an account with the site. We found this to be inconveniencing and unnecessary, especially for clients who need single work to go. It forces you to create an account to place your order. The order is then placed on a dedicated job board where the writers can view and pick the ones that they can do. You won’t know who to expect writing for you.

It is a challenge to determine the quality of work done through the hire writers’ site because there are no samples. However, there is a process used in bidding where you will see the quality of work from the writer you choose. Also, hire writers reviews on the web are mostly negative. Most complain of grammatical errors and several errors in format.

HireWriters Prices Overview

In terms of prices, they are affordable and competitive. Students love perks that favor their pockets due to the limitation in the budget. Prices start from as low as $5, depending on the task and writer. So long as you have chosen an average writer, the prices will be low. But when you go to the next tier of writers who are more qualified, then you may expect to part with higher costs.

However, don’t be lured by low prices as the content delivered may be unworthy. And this is what we noticed about the site as per our hirewriters.com review. On average, experts charge from $19 going up for a 500-word piece.

Discounts Policy

Through our hirewriters review, we found no discounts offered to clients. Companies use discounts to lure customers into the service. Hence, it is an integral part that shouldn’t be ignored. Customers, and students, in particular, would opt for a service that has any sort of discount advantage over another service. A business that is carried out through negotiations, just like this one, should at least have some perks and cuts in prices. We further tried to see if we can get loyalty programs for long term users but to no avail.

Other Features

Most writing sites have unique features that enhance usability. Unfortunately, this site has no additional feature to look out for. They don’t have a plagiarism scanner, for example, to help clients check if work is original. Instead, you will have to check the work from an external scanner and see if it contains plagiarism. This makes it even harder for a customer to file for a dispute immediately if the content is copied.

Moreover, they don’t offer advanced formatting of any kind and unlimited alterations. This means that if you are not satisfied with the quality of work, then you have no room to get it amended to your satisfaction. We experienced this first hand when we ordered for a blog from the company. We received the work later than the agreed deadline and with numerous errors. Getting an alteration was next to impossible. Finally, they don’t have a free outline of the paper you need to be written. This is unlike other sites offering similar services.


As per our hire writers review, we would not recommend anyone to use this service. The reasons that inform our judgment are based on the weaknesses present in terms of quality and other features. They may have cost-effective prices that will lure you, but the outcome is disappointing. There is no value for money because even when you pay a small amount, you are not guaranteed of quality.

You would rather pay a bit more and get the right value. They have different writers, and sometimes you may not know who is best to pick. You may look at the rating, but this is not enough to help you form a decision. Again, they lack a 24/7 functional customer service.

This means that when you have an urgent issue that you need to sort out, you will be left hanging for a while.

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