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By | September, 2019

Because I am a student who also works full time, my time is limited and I had so many assignments to do. I found to offer a lot of services that help students like me, so I asked them for help. But, after delivering the first draft of my dissertation, it suddenly became obvious that my assignment help australia is not the best choice.

It seemed more like a myassignmenthelp review rather than a dissertation, and so my disappointment level begins to rise. It began a back and forth discussion with myassignmenthelp australia where I had to highlight several times my expectations and requirements.

MyAssignmentHelp Services

My assignment help offers a wide range of offers, ranging from dissertation writing to research, case studies or editing and proofreading services. I chose only the dissertation writing service because I thought that editing and proofreading are included.

But, guess what. They are not. Of course, I paid for them subsequently. Let’s start with my dissertation on a psychology-related subject. My assignment help reviews delivered my dissertation on time, which is great. If the dissertation would have been high quality, I would not have been needed to pay more for other services and also extend the deadline. Myassignmenthelp delivered a low quality, not researched enough paper. After a lot of discussions and suggestions from my side, it turned out an acceptable dissertation. Ironically, because they are supposed to be experts. Of course, I had another expert to edit and proofread the dissertation, which extended my deadline a lot.

My luck was that I have considered a buffer, so I was able to submit my dissertation after all these back and forth discussions.

MyAssignmentHelp Prices

Speaking about the prices, the total cost of myassignmenthelp reviews work was higher than I expected. I was disappointed to find out that I had to pay also for editing and proofreading.

Mainly because the paper of the first expert from myassignmenthelp com reviews was badly written. The editing and proofreading were well done and I was so glad not to replay my experience with the first expert from review. I can say that the editing and proofreading services are worth their money, but I think it depends on the expert you are working with.

But, because I lost so much time for which I paid, I was left with a bitter taste experience. And a detail to consider is that you have to pay for their work before they even deliver it.

My Assignment Help Discounts

I tried to get a discount for all this delayed work but managed to get only a small one. Still better than nothing. I expected them to be more aware of their capabilities and experience on different subjects and admit when they are overwhelmed. But, my assignment help reviews are currently offering up to 25% discount, so maybe the final costs will be low. You can also get 20$ bonus, but I do not know if they are available for every service you choose.

If you surf through their website, you will see that you can get samples of their work. The “Answers” section is also a great occasion to see the writing style and how well researched are their answers. Of course, you will not find a full answer only if you submit your email.

There are a lot of subjects covered, from biology and ancient history to health, mechanical engineering, and criminal law. They cover a wide range of topics on every subject but study them carefully. Not all are so well written.


All in all, I decided to rate my assignment help review that offers writing services 3.5 stars out of 10. These 3.5 stars are for the experts that offered editing and proofreading services and for that small discount. But, to be honest, I would not recommend They promote a lot their experts and I do not say that they do not have any, but they are lost between other myassignmenthelp fake experts.

The extended deadline and the delivery of a poor quality first draft left me with a bitter taste. The fact that the proofreading service is not included in the price is also a detail not listed in the first place. I would recommend to look for a better writing service and forget this one.

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