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By | April, 2019

Ozessay.com.au is another site created by the same writing company – OzEssay. To our surprise, they didn’t share this information on the website, so you won’t be finding the link to their other site, ozessay.com there. But, since we’ve come across both, it was hard not to notice the same logo and the exact same features offered on both sites.

Now, this could mean that the company did really well and decided to spread their work across more than one continent. But, if you consider the fact that the other site doesn’t rank highly at all, it’s becoming a bit clearer to us why they didn’t share this information on the website we are currently talking about.


Ozessay has decided to go further than just academic help. In the list of services, we also found products that only resume companies sell: resumes, cover letters, and even an entire job application package.

This isn’t very common for companies like this one since these services are very different in style and demands, but if the service is as nice as it looks, it would be good for a student to be able to order their first resume after graduating from a trusted company.

Unfortunately and judged by what we now know about them, there aren’t many who stick around long enough to get to this part.

Prices, discounts and special features at Ozessay

We can’t really say that this is a cheap product company. The rate for an essay for high school students goes from A$19.10 to A$50.51 for a single page. Sure, the latter applies to three-hour deadlines, but it is still much, much steeper than the rest we’ve seen online.

These are the cheapest ordered rates for essays. The price only goes higher and can reach A$64.56 for a page for PhD level. So, if you need a high-level product from the company, it is best that you order months ahead to use their best rates. The best rate for PhD level students is A$35.33 per page for three months.

Ozessay has discount offer standing, but only for newcomers, and it’s pretty low. To these very high rates, you can only add a code that’ll reduce 7% on your first order.

Writers certification

For those rates, we expected nothing less than the best. Ozessay.com.au says that their writers are Master’s and PhD degree holders and before we ordered, that’s what we believed, too. In most cases with poor quality, the companies use cheap rates to lessen the blow and attract more people, or inviting discounts you can hardly say no to. But, since this one has none of the two, we expected nothing less than the very best in terms of quality.

Unfortunately, we ended up being disappointed.

Quality of an Ozessay Services

The paper we ordered was supposed to be extraordinary judged by what we paid for it. We paid more than just a small fortune, sufficiently convincing to say that this was supposed to be the best paper ever.

But, it wasn’t. We wouldn’t say that it was written by someone who wasn’t fluent in English, but it wasn’t written by an Australian writer. For a company that’s trying to sell on different markets, they shouldn’t really assign just any writer to any order.

That wasn’t all that disappointed us. The big rate that remained big even with the 7% discount yielded a paper of somewhat average quality. We wouldn’t rate it as bad, but it is by far not good enough for those steep rates.

Customer support

The support of the Ozessay company works fine, but it is not the best we have seen. They are very fast when it comes to answering questions, but once we started discussing the issue with the quote and the quality, they spend over 20 minutes redirecting us from one agent to another before we finally spoke to the right person.

This agent spoke to the writer and asked for a revision. We received the revision within a day, which is satisfactory enough, unless you’ve ordered the paper within the actual deadline your professor gave you. The paper was slightly improved, but it still wasn’t as good as it should have been.

How it works

Ordering is more than just simple. You just tell them what you need, select one of their options, and wait. The agents will gladly help you during all this.


Ozessay.com.au is rather spread on the online writing paper market, but not for the reasons we thought of. They aren’t popular at all because of the high rates most students can’t afford and the quality that isn’t satisfactory enough. Even their discount is low and applies to only first orders.

5.2 / 10 stars

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