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Despite the very unique site appearance, had many details that reminded us of something we’ve seen before. Just recently before we got the idea to research this website, we researched another one, very similar to this one. Soon after we began working on this review, we realized that the similarities are more than just… Read More » Review is another site created by the same writing company – OzEssay. To our surprise, they didn’t share this information on the website, so you won’t be finding the link to their other site, there. But, since we’ve come across both, it was hard not to notice the same logo and the exact same… Read More » Review

It takes a lot of effort to write good papers. In fact, people say that one person can’t do it all perfectly, especially not when the editing part comes. It seems like has figured this thing out since their products combine the work of three people: a person who researches, a person who writes, and a person who edits. Review

Essay Writing Place is an Australian service that promises to help you ‘get an excellent grade’. We hadn’t heard about this company until just recently, which only speaks about the limited number of customers they’ve had and what seems to be a very short period spent selling papers online. Review

The Australian market is currently filled with companies that sell academic products in the form of essays and dissertations. Among the crowd, only few have become somewhat of a trend for students. Best Essays seems to be one of these companies. Review

It’s becoming very hard to find a decent service to write papers on the Australian market. New companies show up every day and only few of the old ones keep their reputation up. But, in the midst of all those new companies, you can still find some that has been there for a while and… Read More » Review

There are several websites under the name AU. Edusson, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the company is popular. At first, we thought about the other websites we’ve come across – the US and UK ‘local sites’. The widespread of the service on different continents gives visitors the impression that this is a famous… Read More »