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By | November, 2019

If you are wondering “is study bay legit?” then this is the review for you. There are many writing services out there that advertise themselves as the best writing service in the market but actually are not worth your salt. Although Studybay clearly tries to shroud the fact that they are not one of these services, once you start putting their services offered under a microscope, you will realize that this is the epitome of fraudulent writing websites.

If you are looking for an in-depth analysis of this writing service, give this review a read through. In it, we go through various elements such as services offered, pricing and discounts, and any additional features offered, and give our verdict. Rest assured, this studybay review is written only after going through all the features, or the lack thereof, in order to give an unbiased opinion.

StudyBay Services Overview

Unlike many other writing services, study bay uses the bidding system for your choice of essays. This ultimately means that you simply need to let them know the subject and the document type that you require and post it on the platform.

Although on paper, it means that you can get almost any type of document that you require, in reality, you can never be sure what you are going to get. Additionally, since most students are not aware of what all services the bidding system incorporates, their website highlights six different paper types:

  • Term paper
  • Essay
  • Dissertation
  • Research paper
  • Reflective practice
  • Creative writing

Apart from these, there is also an “other” type on their website, which includes any other assignment type that you could need. However, if your assignment is not listed, you can be sure that the writers won’t be well-versed in it.

Study Bay Prices

As a platform where writers can bid on your orders, most study bay reviews will concur that the prices you get are nothing less than extortionate prices. Since students are not able to choose a starting price, this is exactly what happens on this website as well.

Most students also have written testimonials noting that as soon as they put their order up, they instantly get writer requests, which is a little suspicious. The writers do not even read the paper requirements and simply jump at the order, leading us to believe that these are spam posts that are only looking to get your money.

The bids also bring the overall price to a high that is not affordable for students who are living on a budget. The bidding system also makes it quite hard for people to apply any discounts, but as we will find out, that area is non-existent.

StudyBay Service Discounts

The bidding system that employs can lead you to get low prices as well since the prices fluctuate. However, if you get a higher price bid, there is no way for you to bring the price down as there are no discounts on offer. This can be a big problem for students who are ordering for the first time or students who simply cannot pay the required amount.

This also makes it tough for students who require multiple essays and orders as there is no loyalty program that returning customers can make use of. Given the standards that the rest of the writing services adhere to, study bay lags behind considerably, and the non-existence of discounts is a major factor.

Other Features

The writing service has money-back guarantees as well as free revisions. However, as we have encountered in many studybay reviews, this is far from the truth. Plagiarism is a big concern as well as many students have voiced time and time again.

Most writers, according to multiple reviews, simply rewrite the content that is available online and change the words around so it can pass through online checkers. This means that students do not get the original content for which they are paying. It is also next to impossible to get a refund for a plagiarized paper.

As far as the revision policy is concerned, students can get free revisions as long as they don’t download the paper. However, it is a big possibility that you may not get any revision at all, leaving you with unfinished papers. Another area that is full of problems is their customer support system. Most of the lines of communication do not work, and when they do, do not address the problems properly.


There are many areas that are fraught with complications that make this writing service weak. As mentioned in our study bay review, everything from their provision of services to their customer service is indicative of shallow work ethics. The main problem is their bidding system that makes it hard for students to get hold of a professional writer for their job at a reasonable price.

The unavailability of discounts makes it hard for students living on a budget to bring the prices down. Furthermore, though the website advertises money back and plagiarism-free policy, the truth of the matter is that neither is fully realized. What’s worse is that writers can even leave the work half done and not provide free revisions that they claim to offer.

Ultimately, there is not a single area that could make us recommend this writing service to students. Given how profit-driven the service is, it is not hard to imagine why students only get low-quality essays and assignments at extremely high prices.

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