From the looks of it, is an Australian company. But, this company also sells on the UK and US market, and they even have phone numbers for India and New Zealand as part of their support contact system. This would tell every visitor that the company is widely popular around the world, but their reputation tells and entirely different story. This is why our next step was to discover the secrets of this service and share them with you.


The services page is very strange in the sense that it consists of all kinds of tips for paper writing and general information about the company, but nothing about the actual services. These tips are split into different categories which, we assume are the categories the company has in mind when it comes to services range. These include assignments, essays, dissertations, homework, coursework, thesis, and research paper.

Even when you check the quick order form, you still don’t get access to a service list. The only option you have here is to choose the subject your paper’s in and tell them what you need in the description.

We aren’t certain that they’d accept any paper you need, but sending out your requirements might just be your only choice at learning the most important things about this service. Since they don’t even bother to write down the rates beforehand, you have to do this to learn what they’d charge you for your ordered product.

Prices, discounts and special features

This came as a surprise and somewhat of a frustration for us, but the company decided not to share their rates for the services with the visitors. The only way you can learn what you’ll pay for an order is to make your order. Unfortunately, even though the ordering is called ‘quick order’, this takes more time than we could ever imagine. Getting the quote from them was a torture, and it wasn’t even an attractive one when we got it.

The rate we got for the research paper we requested came hours later on our e-mail. It literally takes hours to get a quote and since the customer support is unbelievably and annoyingly slow and hardly responsive, we had no other choice but to wait for this email.

In the end, we got a very high rate without any offered discount. Since they have no set rates, they have no discounts, either. All of this was extremely frustrating.

Writers certification

The writers certifications are nowhere mentioned on the website. The website speaks of amazing quality and amazing writers, but provides no extra information about the people who work on customers’ orders. Judging by the very poor English skills of the agents, we hardly see anyone ordering from the company after speaking to them about the quote. That’s probably why this service is not very popular. All that’s left at this point is to check the actual writers’ quality.

Quality of an product

The quality of a product was devastating when we paid the high rate this company finally decided to give us. The writer of that paper was a non-native, as the customer service agent, which made the entire content incomprehensive and ridiculous at some points.

Customer support

We have never had a case where the support was the worst thing about the company where the quality was also bad. But, this was one of those cases. The agent was incredibly rude and very unprofessional. We couldn’t understand half of the things he told us, especially since we asked one thing and received a completely unrelated answer half of the time.

How it works works slowly and basically, unprofessionally. They’ve decided to keep the most important information about their services hidden from the customers, which is why we ended up spending hours waiting to learn if they can write our paper and at what rate.

When you fill out the form, you’ll probably spend quite a while on it because there are no options to choose from, so you’re basically asked to write down every detail about the order in the empty field. Until they decide to reach you, you won’t know if they can write the paper or what they’ll ask as a payment. And since they base their rates on the subject and not the paper, the pricing system is very confusing.


Assignment Help 4 Me is an unreliable and extremely slow service. Their rates are far from affordable and as far from cheap as rates can go. They have no discounts, the support service is very rude and unprofessional, and even the quality is less than satisfactory. Except for the nice site, we found nothing good about this company.

4.9 / 10 stars