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The Australian market is currently filled with companies that sell academic products in the form of essays and dissertations. Among the crowd, only few have become somewhat of a trend for students. Best Essays seems to be one of these companies.

We believe that the reputation is a great pointer as to what the company is like. But, we wanted to be sure about this service before actually recommend it, as well as learn what it is about that makes them so popular.

BestEssays AU Services

This service isn’t very ordinary. They have a full website that visitors can spend hours checking, but their most important information is set right there at plain sight. This makes it much easier for everyone to see what the company offers.

Interestingly, this company has decided to move a bit further and offer more than just essays and papers for students in the academic world. They also offer resumes and other job-application-related products now, making it both an academic and resume writing company.

This is a big step for a Best Essays AU company to take and to make it work, they need to hire not just a lot of writers, but writers with completely different experiences and backgrounds. Thankfully, seems to work with plenty of writers, which means that making this happen is actually possible.

Prices, discounts at Best Essays Australia

Rates of $17.79 aren’t at all high to begin with, not for a company as popular as this one. But, we might have found the reason why it’s so widely popular when we saw the pop-up and proceeded to see what gift the company offers to a new customer. The discount of 25% is a great offer for newcomers, one that you can hardly find in online services who sell academic papers.

This discount is followed by cumulative, loyalty discounts that are applied to all future orders of those who reach a specific milestone with the website. You get entitled to a silver discount of 5% when you order over 15 pages. When you reach the number 50, you get the gold discount of 10%. Finally, over 100 pages get you a 15%, platinum discount on all orders you’ll ever make on the site.

This is definitely a reason to go back and order more when you need help and clears things up for us in regard to why the service is used so widely and by so many. But, of course, for this to happen, the quality would have to be amazing, too.

Writers certification

The writers come in a huge number and with a certain set of qualifications. Best Essays says to employ only Master’s and PhD degree-holders, which if true, clearly tells us why the company is so popular.

Quality of an product

As always, we waited for an actual product to be delivered to us by the company we are reviewing. This particular product came right on time. It was a term paper with a tight deadline and of premium quality. This is, according to the site, the most popular quality option students choose.

Those comments we read about the company gave us an exact picture as to what our paper will be like. The term paper was formatted as we asked for, delivered when we requested, and written by someone we believe is a true expert. It was worth our money and much, much more.

Customer support

We didn’t have to speak to the support service about the paper because there wasn’t any problem with it. But, for this review, we reached them to see how they react when someone asks for a revision or points out that they didn’t like the paper.

Their answer was extremely professional and we received the fastest revision approval ever. We didn’t proceed with this, but the agent told us that the editors would revise the paper as we wish within a couple of hours. This comes free of charge, which is another plus for the service.

How it works

Everything on the website works smoothly. If you have troubles ordering, you’ll have the pleasure to speak and be guided by their friendly agents. It should only take minutes and then the writers take over your order.

Conclusion isn’t just popular – it is one of THE most popular services on a worldwide level. We read feedback from customers from many countries and they were all very good. Our product confirmed all this and we couldn’t be happier with the quote they offered. With the 25% discount, everyone can give this service a chance and see what the fuss is all about.

10.0 / 10 stars

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